With our commitment, energy and positive attitude, we strengthen people in both their professional and private roles in life. We work closely with our clients and focus on engagement, strengthen relationships and to present sustainable choices in creative environments. Get in touch with us and we will tell you more!

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Hermes Group AB
Brahegatan 10
114 37 Stockholm
Maila oss på: service@hermesgroup.se

Email us at service@hermesgroup.se

Invoice adress:
Hermes Group
C/o PE Accounting
Box 90 255
120 24 Stockholm

All invoices are sent hermes@invoice.pe

Anna Hermes
CEO & founder

E-post: anna.hermes@hermesgoup.se
Tel: +46(0)70-818 17 53

Vianei Hermes
Business Development & Sustainability

E-post: vianei.hermes@hermesgoup.se
Tel: +46(0)73-510 85 00

Rebecca Petterson
Project Manager Mice & Events

E-post: rebecca.pettersson@hermesgroup.se
Tel: +46(0)70-274 12 21

Lisa Carnbrand
Project Manager Events

E-post: lisa.carnbrand@hermesgoup.se
Tel: +46(0)70-823 38 87