At Hermes Group we take the preservation of our planet seriously and we want to set a good example within the travel- and eventindustry. We do not only do our best to work in a sustainable manner, but we also try to influence all our customers to do the same. We have launched 10 commitments in order to minimize the impact on the planet and at the same time we want to put pressure on our suppliers and create awareness within our customer base.


Our vision for sustainability

Hermes Group’s overall sustainability vision is to make all current & new customers understand and want to invest in climate-smart events. However, we are facing a major transformation and a transition period which means that not all events are climate-smart. Our customers have the main responsibility for how their activities affect the planet.

In 2025, we expect all our events to be completely climate-smart & sustainable.

We fight climate change!

We are fighting for our climate. Hermes Group has initiated a collaboration with Climate First, a non-profit association that fights climate change and environmental impact, with a strong focus on education, consulting and climate investments. We come from an industry that has historically not been good at this, nor a priority issue. Through this collaboration, we will be able to move forward faster and achieve our vision of creating unique experiences that touch and engage without at the expense of our planet!

We see great benefits from our collaboration by gaining access to more knowledge, being able to develop our sustainability work even more, making better sustainable decisions and also helping our customers to both educate and implement sustainability as a strategy in their operations. Read more here

How do we delivery climate smart events?

Hermes Group is committed to create and deliver sustainable and climate smart events. It means we strive to:

We always propose a sustainable destination. Ideally a destination that can be reached with low CO2 emissions.

We prioritize sustainable suppliers - suppliers with an active sustainability program.

We suggest our customers to add sustainability & climate change in the agenda. External speakers or education sessions are recommended.

We propose to avoid unsustainable domesticated red meat and focus on local, organic plant based alternatives.

We prioritize hotel & venues which use renewable sources of energy.

When activities are the case, we propose physical activities with no GHG emissions.

We avoid single use items and plastic as much as possible.

We suggest the customer to avoid items which cannot be reused such as red carpet and decoration items.

We suggest our customer to climate compensate, climate reduce and climate invest whenever relevant GHG emissions are the case.

Everything needs to be recycled and or reused. Circularity is a must!


Hybrid events should be an alternative to avoid long distance transportation.

We contribute to the UN Global Sustainable Develop Goals

We are trained in the UN’s 17 global sustainability goals and work actively to integrate these into our operations. We have identified six high-priority goals that guide our daily work towards our customers, partners and suppliers. Business plays an important role in achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. By integrating sustainability into our business, we can influence and create added value for our customers and employees and for our society.