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Transport is often the main cause of CO2 emissions for event. What can we do?

By Blogg, Hållbarhet

Transport is often the main cause of CO2 emissions for most of the events, especially when travel is included. All other factors are easily manageable: food, electricity, consumables, production, etc.

Today is possible to do events being carbon neutral or with very little CO2 emissions. Fossil free ground transport in Sweden is not an issue, but what about air transport?

If there is no way to skip air transport, then we are happy to say it is possible to go beyond climate compensation. It is possible to avoid CO2 emissions in at least 80% when flying. It is called Fossil Free Jet Fuel.

Fossil Free Jet Fuel is produced from sustainable natural sources such as fat, used cooking oils, cellulosic waste and other vegetable oils.

A Boeing 747 uses about 4 liters of fuel per second. A 10 hours flight would use over 150.000 liters. Every liter issues at least 3kg CO2 (among other gases) in the environment excluding high altitude effect emissions.

Decarbonization has started. Join us!

Vianei Hermes, Sustainable Manager & Travel Manager

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